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2001 Gamers' Choice Awards Nominees

Committee member Greg Aleknevicus says a little bit about each of the multi-player nominees.

2002 Gamers' Choice Awards Nominees

The finalists for this years' awards in both the multi-player and two-player categories.

2002 Gamers' Choice Awards Winners

The results of this year's Gamers' Choice Awards in both the Multi-Player and Two-Player categories.

Basic Strategy 1.0

Greg Aleknevicus explains why it is sometimes good to get the short end of the stick.

Basic Strategy 2.0

Greg Aleknevicus in the second of a series; this time on taking a long term approach in games.

The Best of Times?

Greg Aleknevicus does Dickens. Actually, a brief description of his initiation into the world of German games.

Competition in Gaming

Greg Aleknevicus discusses how seriously we should take playing games.

Creating Black Vienna Online

Greg Aleknevicus explains why he created an online moderator.

Deduction Games 2.0

Greg Aleknevicus surveys some popular deduction games.

Design Considerations

Greg Aleknevicus lists many items to keep in mind when designing the physical presentation of a game.

Disturbing Themes

Can Greg Aleknevicus get more disturbed?

Essen 2000

Greg Aleknevicus shows us a few of the many photos he took at this years Essen Spiel 2000.

Essen 2002

A very short report on this year's Spiel in Essen, Germany with photos.

The Essen Experience

Greg Aleknevicus gives a first timer's viewpoint of attending the largest game fair in the world.

Fixing Capitol's Score Marker

The ever-obsessive Greg Aleknevicus offers a fix to one of the more useless scoring devices of recent memory.

German Games are Fraudulent!

Greg Aleknevicus wants a meaningful theme.

Hare & Tortoise

Greg Aleknevicus provides a detailed listing of several of the many different versions of this classic game.

Hippodice Game Competition

Mario Pawlowski tells Greg Aleknevicus about this annual design competition.

An Introduction to German Games

Do you have no idea what most of the games discussed here are all about? Greg Aleknevicus tries to give a brief explanation of the "German game scene".

My Favourite Game Boards

Greg Aleknevicus lists 10 game boards he finds most attractive.

My Record Keeping Experience

Greg Aleknevicus justifies being anal retentive.

Review Musings

Greg Aleknevicus on why certain games get reviewed.

Player Interaction

Greg Aleknevicus discusses some of the ways in which player's interact in games.

Pocket Box Games

Greg Aleknevicus surveys Steve Jackson Games' microgames from the 1980s.

Production Values in Games

Greg Aleknevicus discusses some of the finer qualities of boardgames.

Random Factors in Games

Greg Aleknevicus rolls the dice.

Repairing Boxes

Greg Aleknevicus gives an illustrated guide to box repair.

Repairing Boxes 2.0

Greg Aleknevicus on making a repair stronger at a slight cost in appearance.

Reviewing Games

The pros and cons of writing reviews by Greg Aleknevicus.

Simulation & Mechanics

Greg Aleknevicus tries to find a connection between the two in games.

The Space Hulk Saga

Greg Aleknevicus spends a ridiculous amount of time on a game he never plays.

Specialize! Diversify!

Do you prefer to play one game many times or many games once? Greg Aleknevicus ponders this very question.

Upgrading Your Game

Not a strategy guide but rather a few ideas on improving the components in your games.

Hard Decisions

Stefan Alexander makes a tough decision.

Managing the Game Experience

Stefan Alexander details some of the considerations for creating a "new gamer".

Game Artisan

Andrea Angiolino on a more appropriate name for "game designer".

Leader Bashing - A Response

Will Baker responds to last month's article by Jeff Ganong.

Master's Degree

Will Baker takes a rather tongue in cheek approach to higher education.

Master's Degree in Gaming Part 2

Will Baker with the second installment of his imaginary curricula of a Master's Degree in Game Study.


Will Baker on the length of games.

New Father Gaming

Matthew Baldwin can't wait to play games with his son.

The Shoestring Gamer

Matthew Baldwin offers some suggestions for gaming on the cheap.

Opening a Game Store?

Ward Batty with a cautionary tale about opening a game store.

Ethics in Gaming 1.0

Yehuda Berlinger discusses the unwritten rules of the game.

Ethics in Gaming 2.0

Yehuda Berlinger on not buying games.

Ethics in Gaming 3.0

Yehuda Berlinger on playing in a group.

Ethics in Gaming 4.0

Yehuda Berlinger and the art of the trade.

Ethics in Gaming 5.0

Playing games can improve not only the quality of your life, but the quality of you. (Yehuda Berlinger)

Ethics in Gaming 6.0

Yehuda Berlinger discusses ethical behaviour for designers and publishers.

Educational Value in Games

In addition to entertaining, games can also provide a learning experience and Mark Bordsen surveys his experience.

Misadventures in Gaming

Dan Bosley attempts another game with his crazy friends.

Dexterity Games for Those Without Any

Frank Branham summarizes a few "dexterity games" that don't require a great deal of dexterity.

The Games of Nik Sewell

Frank Branham gives us the lowdown on this designer.

Groovy Prototypes

Frank Branham shows us some clever tips on how to make game prototypes.

The Mysterious "Fun" Factor

Frank Branham, owner of thousands of games, tells us why they're no fun.

Spielus Obscurus 2

Frank Branham tells us about his obscure games.

What is the Goal?

Frank Branham expounds on the idea of goals and subgoals as a narrative aid in game design.

Eric Hautemont Interview

Ryan Bretsch interviews Eric Hautemont of Days of Wonder.

Mike Doyle Interview

Ryan Bretsch interviews the lead artist of QuestMachine.

Raising Gamers 1.0

Should Carol Brunt let her kids win a game?

Raising Gamers 2.0

Carol Rifka Brunt on why cooperating with your kids is a bad idea.

Heirs to the Gamemaster Series, Part 1

In a follow up to his report on Milton Bradleys' Gamemaster Series of games, Rob Burns discusses the Hasbro/Avalon Hill line.

Heirs to the Gamemaster Series Part 2

Rob Burns on the similar approach of Eagle Games and the old Milton Bradley line.

Milton Bradley's Gamemaster Series

Rob Burns looks back at the at a line of games that epitomized the phrase "great bits".

Ambition 1.0

The designer of Ambition outlines his design criteria.

Pedantry: A Monopoly Case Study

Brandon Clarke gets downright literal during a game of Monopoly.

Es War Einmal...

Stuart Dagger gives us a UK perspective on the beginnings of the German game invasion.

Family Pastimes

Jim Deacove gives us the philosophy beyond his non-competitive gaming company.

Game Theory 101 - Part I

Jonathan Degann discusses the importance of story arc in good game design.

Game Theory 101 - Part II

Jonathan Degann describes how tension is created in games.

Game Theory 101 - Part III

The latest in Jonathan Degann's series. This time he addresses the Agonizing Decision.

Game Theory 101: Part IV

Jonathan Degann on a game's nervous system.

From A to Z

Jim Dietz of Jolly Roger Games writes of his ideas on game design.

Publishing Pants

Jim Doherty recounts the trials and tribulations of self publishing Who Stole Ed's Pants?

Living the Dream 1.0

Chad Ellis with the first in a series on starting a game company.

Living the Dream 2.0

Chad Ellis discusses promoting your new boardgame.

Living the Dream 3.0

Chad Ellis with some ideas about what to do when someone hates your game.

The VIIth Ludopathic Gathering

Bruno Faidutti recounts the recent gaming weekend he organized in Etourvy, France.

A Tale of Two Cities

Bruno Faidutti discusses the development of Citadelles and Castle.

A Year of German Games

Bruno Faidutti comments on his great success in the first half of 2000.

Bruno & Games

Bruno Faidutti discusses his recent preferences.

Dirty Deals

Bruno Faidutti summarizes games that use a bidding mechanism.

Games & the Anguish of Life

Bruno Faidutti examines why we play games.

Spiel des Jahres 2000

Bruno Faidutti gives us an insiders look at the SdJ Awards ceremony.

What Gender Gap?

Bruno Faidutti wonders why there are so few female gamers.

Deduction Games

Bruno Faidutti and Frank Branham try to figure out whodunnit.

Themes & Mechanics 1.0

Bruno Faidutti enters the fray with his take on the subject, the first in a series.

Themes & Mechanics 2.0

The second in Bruno Faidutti's series, this time on prototypes and playtesting.

Themes & Mechanics 3.0

Bruno Faidutti is an author, not an inventor.

Themes & Mechanics 4.0

Bruno Faidutti gets unbalanced.

Aggression in Multi-Player Games

Jeffrey Ganong tells us why theft is a crime.

Involvement, Leader Bashing & Newbies

Jeff Ganong discusses enticing new players with games and then ganging up on them if they do too well at them.

Protospiele 2001

Stephen Glenn tells us about the inaugural holding of an intimate gathering of budding game designers.

How to Turn Family and Friends into Gamers Using Subterfuge, Mind Control and Violence

Joe Golaszewski with some advanced tips on playing the meta-game of tricking others in playing "these games of ours".

Octi: Better Than Sliced Bread

Don Green, the designer of Octi, explains the basics of the game.

Sam Clifford Interview

John Marc Green interviews Sam Clifford about his new company, Quest Machine.

Game Systems - Part 1

Ron Hale-Evans writes about standard game parts that can be used for a variety of different games.

Game Systems - Part 2

Ron Hale-Evans takes a very thorough look at the world of playing cards.

Game Systems - Part 3

Ron Hale-Evans turns his attention to boardgames in the latest in his series on game systems.

Game Systems - Part 4

Ron Hale-Evans writes about games that require modest (or no) specialized components.

Is it Really About Theme vs. Mechanics?

Andrew Hardin gives us his take.

Sid Sackson Auction

Matthew Horn gives us an account of the Sid Sackson collection auction.

Who's On First?

How do you decide who goes first in a game? Matthew Horn questions if you've been playing certain games exactly according to the rules.

Take a Chance

Joe Huber on the positives of trying games you know nothing about.


Joe Huber suggests that some people have an innate ability for new games.

A Games Mecca?

Richard Huzzey wonders why so many great game come from Germany.

Essen 2003

Mark Johnson visits Essen for the first time.

Game of the Month

Mark Johnson and his game group learn how to play a game really well.

How to Host a Games Day

Mark Johnson with some advice and recommendations for planning a successful day of gaming.

Joe Huber Interview

Mark Johnson interviews the designer of Scream Machine.

The Ultimate Game

Can a boardgame actually think? Tom Jolly speculates on just this question.

Those Bastards Stole My Game!

Tom Jolly comments on the idea of synchronous game design.

Non-Predatory Games

Kate Jones discusses games that avoid aggression.


Kate Jones describes this new form of puzzle concerning mathematical shapes.

The Ultimate Tiebreaker

Moshe Klass just can't stand a draw and so offers some suggestions for breaking a tie.

Inventing Torres

Wolfgang Kramer tells us how he designed Torres.

The German Game Market

Wolfgang Kramer informs us of the German game market.

What Makes a Game Good?

Wolfgang Kramer outlines his ideas on game design.

What is a Game?

Wolfgang Kramer attempts to pin down a definition of the term "game".

Budgeted Action Points

Steve Kurzban talks about an interesting game mechanic.

Players, Traders, Hoarders & Collectors

Steve Kurzban differentiates between various types of game purchasers.

Nurturing a Group

Steve Kurzban tells us what it takes to start and keep a game group going.

The Finer Points of Teaching Rules

Mario T. Lanza describes his method for explaining the rules to a game.

Genesis of a Game

Larry Levy writes about the process of designing his first game - Head to Head Golf.

When Good Games Have Bad Themes

Larry Levy implores us to look beyond a games theme.

Modern Game Designers: Eon

Larry Levy on the career of the Cosmic Encounter designers.

Modern Game Designers: Martin Wallace

Larry Levy profiles the designer of Pampas Railways, Age of Steam and Runebound.

Modern Game Designers: Mike Fitzgerald

Larry Levy examines the career of the Mystery Rummy designer.

Special Ks

Larry Levy tells us all about his favorite breakfast. Well, actually he gives a brief intro to Kramer, Klaus & Knizia.

Special K - Klaus Teuber

Larry Levy takes a look at the very first Settler of Catan.

Special K - Reiner Knizia

Larry Levy concludes his series of "Special K" German designers with a look at the prolific career of Reiner Knizia.

Special K - Wolfgang Kramer

Larry Levy summarizes the career of Germany's most successful designer.

Special K: An Update

Larry Levy tells us what Kramer, Knizia and Teuber have been up to these last few years.

Strategy & Tactics

Larry Levy discusses the difference between "strategy" and "tactics" with some examples from the Alea line of games.

The Best in Games & Movies

Eduardo Loureiro Jr. discusses the similarities between the two genres.

How to Join Bits & Pieces

Sus Lundgren lists some of the interesting ways that computer technology can add features to boardgame design.

Destination Gaming

Rob Lyon takes games with him even while kayaking!

A Game Rating System

If you're still unsure of the best way to rate games then Robert Markley's take on the subject may be of interest.

Fiddling About

Kevin Maroney talks about the difference between elegant and fiddly rules.

Open & Closed

Kevin Maroney on the never-ending battle over "hidden" information in games.

My Entire Waking Life

Kevin Maroney asks "What the heck are these things called games, anyway?"

Varying Chess

Kevin Maroney devises two new chess games.

Who Mourns for Avalon Hill?

Kevin Maroney comes not to praise, but to bury, the legendary company.

The Chicago International Toy & Game Fair

James Miller gives us the low down on this inaugural event.

A Question of Semantics

Al Newman ponders whether or not you "design" a game or "invent" it.

Please Recycle

Al Newman discusses the recycling of game mechanics.


Al Newman talks about Rio Grande Games. He also discusses strategy in Monopoly.

Acquiring Game Rights

Phil Orbanes of Winning Moves sheds some light on how to acquire rights to out of print games.

The Canasta Story

Philip E. Orbanes outlines the history of Canasta.

Drafting in Games

Andres Santiago Perez-Bergquist inventories the various methods of drafting cards.

Making the First Time Count

Mike Petty with some advice on making sure you introduce games right the first time.

Protospiel 2002

Mike Petty reports some thoughts about the second annual game designer's convention.

Serious Gaming

High school math teacher Mike Petty reflects on gaming with teenagers.

The Classical and Romantic Game Playing Styles

Lewis Pulsipher differentiates two opposing styles of play.

The Essence of Euro-style Games

Another attempt at defining Euro-games; in particular how they are different from wargames. (Lewis Pulsipher)

How to Promote Board Gaming with a Website

Mikko Saari tells us of the success he's had with his Finnish website.

Making Decisions

Puerto Rico and Princes of Florence offer players relatively few but very meaningful decisions. Mikko Saari discusses both.

Simulation & Computer Integration in Board Games

Mikko Saari discusses the (future?) use of computers in board games.

Tournaments in a Club Environment

Want to run a tournament for your game group? Mikko Saari shares his experiences.

Prototype, Prototype, Protospiel

Kesavan Sampanthar on designing games and testing them at Protospiel.

Why I Prize My Copy of Volle Hütte

Sarah Samuelson describes her experience of attending Gulf Games 2002.

Peter's Playhouse

Peter Sarrett gives us a quick intro to four German games.

Complex German Games

Nick Sauer lists a few of the more complex German type games.

Control vs. Luck & Chaos

Nick Sauer with some basics on the differences between control and chaos when playing games.

Number of Players

Nick Sauer talks about playing games with varying numbers of players.

Games in Japan

Taiju Sawada gives us a brief description of games played in Japan.

It's Only a Game

Jared Scarborough plays the baddie.

German History Part 2

Bob Scherer-Hoock offers a US point of view of the German game craze.

Groundrules For Gaming

Jay Schindler with a couple of suggestions on how to smoothly run a gaming group.

Jesse Schell Interview

Bob Schwartz interviews Jesse Schell, instructor of a Game Design course at Carnegie Mellon University.

Kevin Zucker Interview

Bob Schwartz interviews the man behind Operational Studies Group.

Designer's Notes: Space & Fantasy Gamer's Guide

Joseph Scoleri tells us why on earth he'd create a 500+ page index for six 1980s era magazines.

Half Baked

Greg Schloesser talks about games that aren't quite ready for public consumption.

Junk in the Box

Greg Schloesser finds strange things in used games.

The Future of Avalon Hill

Greg Schloesser wonders what will happen to this classic company.

The Spirit of Gaming

Greg Schloesser talks about the manner in which we play games.

The Yawning Gap of Forgotten Rules

Greg Schloesser lists some notable gaffes and misinterpreted rules.

Threshold of a Dream

Greg Schloesser refutes those who say our hobby is dying.

When Good Reviews Go Bad

Greg Schloesser offers us his opinion when writing a less than favourable review.

Games & Kids

Want to play games with young children? Don Seagraves suggests a few games and offers some advice.

The Art of Games

How does art affect the marketing, connection to theme and functionality of games? (Dave Shapiro)

The Bat, The Block, The Brush

Dave Shapiro on why games are sport and art.


Dave Shapiro outlines the various types of boards used in games and how they affect play and strategy.

A Brief History of Gaming

Dave Shapiro talks about where the board gaming hobby has been and where it's going.

Dice Fest

Dave Shapiro rolls the bones.

Franz-Benno Delonge Interview

Dave Shapiro interviews the designer of Big City, Trans America and others.

Gotta Buck?

If you're interested in playing games for money, Dave Shapiro has a few ideas on the subject.


Ever wanted to enter a tournament and win glory and praise? Dave Shapiro tells you how.

Ra, Mu & CPU

Dave Shapiro on how computers have impacted board games.

Risk: The Evolution of a Game

Dave Shapiro runs us through the history of this classic boardgame.

Risk Revisited

Dave Shapiro returns to a classic once more.

Sisyphus Syndrome

Dave Shapiro contemplates rolling the same game up a hill over and over again.

To Boldly Go...

Dave Shapiro ruminates on the history of popular boardgames.

Game Alignment

Anthony Simons tries to decide if Union Pacific is chaotic good or lawful neutral.

The Milestone

Anthony Simons decides that enough is enough and gets rid of a few games.

Recurring Themes

Anthony Simons lists some commonly occurring themes.

Shortening Long Games

Anthony Simons plays 25 games in four and a half minutes.

Upgrading Your Game Even Further

Anthony Simons offers some advice on "fixing" the rules to games.

Biting the Hand that Feeds Me

Ray Smith chews the fat about Counter magazine.

The De-Uglification Project

Ray Smith tries to clean up Die Oster Insel.

Gamer's Game?

Ray Smith takes issue with the recent problems some gamers have had with this years' Spiel des Jahres winner.

Hints from Hell, Louise

Ray Smith becomes the Mr. Fix-it of the gaming world.

Hints from Hell, Louise 2.0

Ray Smith gives us some ideas on where to buy trinkets and toys.

Hints from Hell, Louise - Revised

Ray Smith ponders about games needing a facelift.

A Love-Hate Relationship

Ray Smith is filled with self loathing over many of the games he plays.

Origins 2005

Ray Smith reports from Origins.

Preview: Eagle Games

Ray Smith talks with the President of this fledgling company.

Show Me the Money!

Ray Smith with some interesting ways to keep score.

Spielus Obscurus

Ray Smith tells us of his favorite obscure games.

Spielus Obscurus 3

Ray Smith gives us another glimpse into his strange gaming closet...

The Science of Subjectivity

Ray Smith discusses the good and bad in rating games.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Ray Smith muses on whether we're spoilt with the recent wave of games.

Transition Games

Ray Smith lists some games he feels might work well as a transition from "German style" games to more traditional wargames.

What were they Thinking?

Ray Smith has a few beefs to air about the production of games.

Defining the Abstract

J. Mark Thompson discusses abstract strategy games.

How Important is Elegance?

Mark Thomson proves mathematically that Go is better than Chess.

Modifying Games for the Blind

Eddie Timanus has first hand experience modifying games for use by the blind and he explains some basic methods he employs.

Games for Two

Xavier Van Aubel has a few suggestions for when game partners are few and far between.

Games in Korea

Tom Vasel tells us a little bit about the burgeoning cafe scene in Korea.

Player Experiences

Richard Vickery proposes a method of categorizing games based on the type of experience it offers a player.

The Diversification Process

Jeff Widderrich hopes that everyone contributes to more diverse games.

Think Simple

Jeff Widderich with an interesting perspective on game design.

These Games of Ours

Gilad Yarnitzky tries to explain the world of games to a new audience.


Babel 1.0 (Thorin N. Tatge)

Black Vienna 1.0 (Stefan Engblom)

Cartagena 1.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Crossword 1.0 (Matthew Gray)

Dia de los Muertos 1.0 (Frank Branham)

Euphrat & Tigris 1.0 (Anthony Kam)

Mississippi Queen 1.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Name Those Dice 1.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Name That Card 1.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Octi 1.0 (Don Green)

Octi 2.0 (Don Green)

Octi 3.0 (Don Green)

Odin's Ravens 1.0 (Thorin N. Tatge)

Princes of Florence 1.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Ricochet Robot 1.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Ricochet Robot 1.1 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Ricochet Robot 2.0 (Syn Thoid)

Ricochet Robot 3.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Ricochet Robot 3.1 (Brian Hanechak)

Ricochet Robot 4.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)

RoboRally Primer (Greg Aleknevicus)

RoboRally 1.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)

RoboRally 2.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)

San Juan 1.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Scramble 1.0 (Will M. Baker)

Set 1.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Spot the Component 1.0 (James Miller)

The Confrontation 1.0 (Thorin N. Tatge)

Titan: The Arena Primer (Greg Aleknevicus)

Titan: The Arena 1.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Venice Connection 1.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Zertz 1.0 (Greg Aleknevicus)


10 Days in... (Greg Aleknevicus)

Age of Steam (Greg Aleknevicus)

Astron (Herb Levy)

Atlanteon (Greg Aleknevicus)

Attika (Anthony Simons)

Babylone (Greg Aleknevicus)

Balloon Cup (Greg Aleknevicus)

Bang! (Greg Aleknevicus)

Barbarossa (Richard Huzzey)

Beowulf: The Legend (Dave Shapiro)

Big Top (Greg Aleknevicus)

The Billion Dollar Monopoly Swindle (Joe Huber)

Bin'Fa (Mitchell Thomashow)

Blokus (Greg Aleknevicus)

Blokus Duo (Greg Aleknevicus)

Blue Moon (Richard Huzzey)

Borderlands (Larry Levy)

Box Solid (Greg Aleknevicus)

Buffalo (Greg Aleknevicus)

Bridges of Shangrila (Dave Shapiro)

Card Games Around the World (Joe Huber)

Chebache (Mitch Thomashow)

Cityscape (Greg Aleknevicus)

Cloud 9 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Coda (Greg Aleknevicus)

Cosmic Coasters (Matthew Baldwin)

Der Flaschenteufel (Joe Huber)

Dia de los Muertos (Matthew Baldwin)

Diceland: Deep White Sea (Frank Branham)

Die Glücksritter (Greg Aleknevicus)

Die Mauer (Greg Aleknevicus)

Doom: The Boardgame (Dave Shapiro)

Drakon (Greg Aleknevicus)

Drakon: 2nd Edition Changes (Greg Aleknevicus)

Easy Come Easy Go (Greg Aleknevicus)

Einfach Genial (Mitch Thomashow)

Election USA (Anthony Simons)

Elixir (Bruno Faidutti)

Europa Tour (Greg Aleknevicus)

Explosiv (Greg Aleknevicus)

Exxtra (Greg Aleknevicus)

Finger Hockey (Greg Aleknevicus)

Finger Weg Von Mona Lisa! (Greg Aleknevicus)

Fist of Dragonstones (Greg Aleknevicus)

Formula Dé Mini (Greg Aleknevicus)

Formula Motor Racing (Greg Aleknevicus)

Fresh Fish (Greg Aleknevicus)

G8 GameTimer (Greg Aleknevicus)

Gamesmanship (Joe Huber)

Game Inventor's Guidebook (Greg Aleknevicus)

Game of Nations (Anthony Simons)

Gang of Four (Dave Shapiro)

Ghosts! (Greg Aleknevicus)

Girl Genius: The Works (Greg Aleknevicus)

Gipf (Mitchell Thomashow)

Hansa (Greg Aleknevicus)

Hellas (Mark Johnston/Kevin Whitmore)

Heroes, Incorporated (John Marc Green)

Hexagony (Caleb Diffell)

High Society (Greg Aleknevicus)

Hive (Greg Aleknevicus)

Hoity Toity (Greg Aleknevicus)

Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Frank Branham)

Hunter & Gatherers (M. Johnston/K. Whitmore)

Isis & Osiris (Dave Shapiro)

It's All in the Game (Joe Huber)

Ivanhoe (Greg Aleknevicus)

Karibik (Greg Aleknevicus)

Kingdoms (Greg Aleknevicus)

Liar's Dice (Greg Aleknevicus)

Lucky 13 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Magna Grecia (Dave Shapiro)

Manila (Dave Shapiro)

Meander (Frank Branham)

Memoir '44 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Monks of St. Titus (Joe Huber)

Monopoly: The Card Game (Greg Aleknevicus)

3 Monopoly Books (Joe Huber)

Mystery of the Abbey (Greg Aleknevicus)

New England (Greg Aleknevicus)

Oasis (Greg Schloesser)

Orcz (Greg Aleknevicus)

Odin's Ravens (Greg Aleknevicus)

Pickomino (Greg Aleknevicus)

Pico 2 (Greg Aleknevicus)

Phoenix (Greg Aleknevicus)

Player's Guide to Table Games (Joe Huber)

Power Grid (Greg Aleknevicus)

Quicksand (Greg Aleknevicus)

Refugium (Greg Aleknevicus)

Risk Godstorm (Dave Shapiro)

Rome (Greg Aleknevicus)

San Juan (Greg Aleknevicus)

Santa Fe Rails (Greg Aleknevicus)

Shadows Over Camelot (Greg Aleknevicus)

Sleuth (Caleb Diffell)

Squint (Greg Aleknevicus)

Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit (Greg Aleknevicus)

Starship Catan (Caleb Diffell)

Sunda to Sahul (Eduardo Loureiro Jr.)

Ta Yü (Mitch Thomashow)

The Antoni Gaudi Tile Game (Mitchell Thomashow)

The Bucket King (Greg Aleknevicus)

The Confrontation (Greg Aleknevicus)

The Game Makers (Joe Huber)

The Very Clever Pipe Game (Greg Aleknevicus)

Tantrix (Greg Aleknevicus)

Ticket To Ride (Greg Aleknevicus)

Ticket To Ride Europe (Greg Aleknevicus)

Tom Tube (Mitch Thomashow)

Tony & Tino (Greg Aleknevicus)

Too Many Cooks (Greg Schloesser)

Torres (Mitch Thomashow)

Trans America (Greg Aleknevicus)

Tutankhamen (Greg Aleknevicus)

Vabanque (Dave Shapiro)

Verräter vs. Meuterer (G. Aleknevicus/P. Brennan)

Vinci (Bruno Faidutti)

WarChest (Greg Aleknevicus)

War & Sheep (Greg Aleknevicus)

Werewolf (Greg Aleknevicus)

Win at Spades (Joe Huber)

Witch Trial (Matthew Baldwin)

Wyatt Earp (Matthew Baldwin)

Zertz (Mitchell Thomashow)


Big City Expansion (Greg Aleknevicus)

Budget Crokinole (Mike Mayer)

Deduce or Die! (Larry Levy)

EL (Larry Levy)

Get Set (Dave Eggleston)

Joust (Joe Huber)

King of the Hill (Larry Levy)

Manga Manga Manga (Joe Huber)

Monopoly: The Card Game (Larry Levy)

Need A Fourth? (Larry Levy)

Portfolio (Larry Levy)

Sloppy Seconds (Peter Schell)

The Bum Game (Larry Levy)

The Patriarch (K T Tolman)

WYSIWYG (Larry Levy)


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