The good news for me this month is that my Essen purchases finally arrived! It was indeed a happy day and I had practically given up on them ever showing up figuring that they had met their demise somewhere in the Atlantic. Very nice to get a chance to look through some the titles that people have been praising the last several months.

The bad news (ever the pessimist I am) is that I'm running out of shelf space. By some standards my collection is not all that large, about 350 games or so (others might consider this a huge number I suppose) but they have all fit neatly onto the shelves in my game room. I had previously told myself that I would limit my collection to items that fit on these shelf (they cover one complete wall) and that I'd have to get rid of some if I ever wanted more. Of course this is easy to do when there's still lots of room but I'm starting to see the end of it. Whenever a new game arrives I engage in a rather complex ritual of reorganization where I rearrange boxes all in an attempt to squeeze every last inch of available space. At the current rate of acquisition I think I may last until next Essen but beyond that, who knows?

Of course, I've already started "cheating", there are lots of items in the storage room but these are mostly things for resale and so I justify it by saying that they're not part of my "official" collection. It's all really quite hopeless and pathetic anyway, should I ever actually run out of space I'm sure that I'll just knuckle under, build another unit along another wall and tell myself that "that's the limit of it". Hmmm, maybe it's time to head up to the lumber store?

-Greg Aleknevicus

One of the most successful line of games, in my opinion, has been Kosmos' two player series. Certainly not all of them have been winners but the list of good and excellent titles is impressive. From Hera & Zeus, Caesar & Cleopatra to Lost Cities, Babel and Kahuna there's been something that appeals to everyone. Even simpler fare such as Tally Ho or The Reef have their fans. It's been somewhat surprising to me then that other manufacturers have not followed suit. Eurogames has done just that with what some are calling their "Ampersand" series. Named thus as the first games are War & Sheep, Drake & Drake and Tony & Tino. This month I have a look at War & Sheep.


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