I hope that everyone received many games as presents over the recent holidays. I'd be interested to hear how any games given as presents were received as well.

Looking back at 2001, it was a very good year, gaming-wise. I played more games than ever, approaching 600 overall. More importantly, there were no serious omissions as I played all of my favourite games at least once. The only notable exception is Lowenherz which hasn't seen play for over two years now! Certainly this would seem to go on the top of the list of resolutions for 2002. I'd also like to cross off the games on my "owned but never played" list. The number currently stands at about 10 which seems to be rather constant over the years. None of these games are considered gems but I'm reminded that many an older, overlooked game contains charms and pleasures that for one reason or other do not receive the acclaim they deserve. That they could be sitting on my shelf should be reason enough to try them out.

I'm happy that there have been several submissions from first time writers in recent months. Thanks very much! I've written up a set of Guidelines for those that are interested in contributing. This is what keeps The Games Journal going and if you enjoy visiting the site and wish it to continue I encourage you to send anything of interest.

-Greg Aleknevicus

If anyone has any thoughts that a particular article idea is too narrow a focus for submission to The Games Journal, I can only offer as counter example the article I myself have written this month. While it's unlikely to be of much interest to most owners of Capitol (and absolutely no interest to non-owners), you never know.


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