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Odin's Ravens 1.0

A Rich Finish


The board is laid out as follows:

The top row is your opponent's flight path; the bottom row is yours. Your gray raven stands on the third-to-last space; your opponent's brown raven stands on the fifth-to-last space.

Your hand:

Your auxiliary stack (topmost card is on the right):

Magic Way:

Your opponent has played three cards towards the Magic Way this race, you've played none.


You are the gray player and it's your turn. The score is 8-11 in your opponent's favour. Despite not having the proper card to advance, you have at least half a dozen ways you could end the race this turn. Unfortunately, since your opponent controls the Magic Way, he will end up winning the game if you simply move to the end.

So much for things being easy. The question is, can you win this turn, regardless? The answer is yes, but there's only one way to manage it. How is it done?


- Thorin N. Tatge

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